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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Dream Catcher Art Lesson

 I tried this GREAT Dream Catcher art Lesson I saw on:

Thank you to the Smart Art Class Blog for the inspiration!
I had to share the results I got with my students on this project.
We didn't have compasses so students used various sized circles to trace and make their circles. We traced with sharpie, colored in chosen areas with construction paper crayons and then dripped liquid watercolor over a wet paper. Some students chose to sprinkle salt for the additional effect it creates.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Carton2Garden @ Rossview Elementary

This year we have been working hard on a new garden project at our school. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of work, but totally worth it. We had the local newspaper come out and do an article about our project. Here is a link to the article and a little more about what we have done with our project:
The carton2garden project at Rossview Elementary School is the best of teaching STEM, using science, technology, math, and engineering lessons as well as the incorporation of health and nutrition, and sustainability practices.
Our students are learning what it is to plant something from a seed, grow and take care, nurture it, and see it come to life to make a plant that they can actually harvest. This garden is something very special to our school that we want to use every year for our students to enjoy.
Our garden is all STEM based and it has taught our students how important it is to get their hands in the dirt and know where your food comes from. They have also learned the value of land and what it means to be resourceful, it’s something they can have for the rest of their lives and use to take care of the earth. We had a special guest speaker Michael Hampton, from our local food initiative group to teach students about soil and composting. It was our goal to show students the entire process of gardening, beginning with good soil.
We received a lot of support from the community. Our local Home Depot Store Manager, Sheliah Moore, donated lumber, garden seeds, and other supplies to help start the garden. We had a local company Lanier Lawn & Landscaping donate garden soil, and Michael Hampton from the Food Initiative donated compost fertilizer.
Our garden has become a lifelong lesson that our students will never forget. It is our goal that they will continue to do their part to become more sustainable in their own lives, and even encourage their families and friends to grow their own food and depend less on the industrial food industry, which can be harmful to the environment. We are teaching them that every little bit can make a big difference and the more people who have that attitude the bigger difference we can make for the planet.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Lovely lion mixed media

Third graders just finished these gorgeous mixed media lions. We used some scrap paper to collage the mane & the kids used oil pastel to draw & color the lions face. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Matisse Goldfish

1st graders just learned about matisse & we created some great goldfish collage artwork. Here's some of the completed work.