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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Trees

I saw this idea online and just had to try it. This lesson was a great way to teach sculpture and was easy enough for the little ones to do. We cut the top of brown paper bags in strips. (I told the kids to use their thumb as a guide to the width of each strip). We opened the bottom of the bag and twisted into a trunk. Then twisted the top strips into branches. I hot glued the trees to a small piece of cardboard to help them stand up and students tore paper leaves to glue to the branches.

Community Collage

We have been working on an architecture unit in 2nd grade based on the book Roberto the Insect Architect.  We did a lot of brainstorming about the types of buildings needed in a community and then students created a collage. I loved their creativity on the buildings!  This project also made a great display on a bulletin board!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tints & shades ice cream collage

I found this lesson while on Pinterest & just had to try it. The kids did a great job & the Art turned out fabulous! We spent our 1st lesson learning about mixing tints & shades. I had students fold a 12x18 paper into 8 sections. Then they painted each section a different tint or shade. Each table had a different color & black & white to mix with. The 2nd class was spent cutting their painted paper into scoops. They stacked the scoops & some added toppings from our scrap paper. Kids always love dessert as the subject for their artwork & they had a lot of fun with this project

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kindergarten cat hat

In kindergarten classes we are reading cat books of all kinds...Pete the cat, & bad kitty seem to be the favorites. students created a 3-D cat"hat". Some used the paper cat sculptures as puppets, or just pals to set next to them on the tables. 
This is always a fun project, but does require a little prep work on the teachers end. I pre-draw white lines for the body, tail, feet, & head. Students decorate their cat using construction paper crayons & metallic crayons & then practice those cutting skills! 
I prefer to staple the cat together & can do it pretty quick as students complete their cutting. They can glue pieces instead of stapling but with staples there's no drying time.