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Tuesday, May 31, 2011



It's time to go through supplies and close up for the summer, so what do you do with all those old crayons? 
I usually sort through and re-use all the unbroken crayons. However, this year I have too many left over! So, I am bringing them home to recycle into new crayons!
I've tried this before and my students loved using the crayons I made...
Here is a great way to do it:
-Peel all your unwanted crayons. (This is the worst part, my daughter helps and we get pretty creative with it and have crayon peeling races or see how many different ways we can peel them, like a banana, etc...)
-Break them into small pieces and I I use a silicon muffin or candy mold.(silicon is easier to pop crayons out) I like the star because it gives you points to color with. I use mine just for crayons, because it makes a mess out of your baking pan.
-Melt them on about 200-250 
-Remove, wait til cool 
-And, Viola! you have new "cool" shaped crayons to use.

You can make them rainbow with different colors or you can do warm, cool, neutrals, etc..
They work great on texture plates too!